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Killing Machines

Travelling across distances large and small have been greatly improved by the invention of the automobile. Cars are able to traverse across great distances that only a century ago would have taken months or longer. Innovations in safety features and comfort features have made cars a very popular commodity in the developed world. Unfortunately, these machines of beautiful engineering can and are being used inappropriately so that they have taken on the face of dangerous killing machines. Drunk drivers who knowingly operate motor vehicles while impaired is irresponsible menaces to society. Efforts to end drunk driving need continued support so that one day millions of lives will be spared without the threat of a drunk driver.

Statistically, drunk driving is a fascinating phenomenon to study. Scientists and engineers collaborate with law enforcement and other traffic monitoring agencies in order to better understand the scenarios that typically end in disaster. The irresponsible actions of drunk drivers can have life altering effects on all parties involved in an accident. Most likely, the passengers in the car struck by the drunk driver will sustain heavy if not fatal injuries. This is mostly due to the fact that upon impact the drunk driver’s body is extremely relaxed and goes with the force of the crash. Unfortunately for the innocent passengers who were not drinking, their body will not react as smoothly to the crash. The fear and anticipation of crashing causes their body to tense up and thus creates more possibility for severe injury. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention released figures that claim every single day there are at least twenty eight people killed by a driver heavily under the influence of alcohol. In order to remedy this growing epidemic, there must be even greater efforts to educate people on the reality of experiencing a DUI related accident. Many people assume that they can drive home while drunk and not come across any obstacles on the way there. There are many other misunderstandings of drunk driving including, but definitely not limited to, buzzed driving is actually as potentially dangerous as drunk driving, nobody will find out, and cops allow people off with a warning for a first offense. These preposterous myths are part of the overall problem at hand. Drivers are not empathetic for those around them.

To summarize, auto accidents claim the lives of millions of people every year across the globe. Specifically, crashes where alcohol was found in the system of the driver who caused the accident remain a constant burden to all of the society. Each time a driver gets behind the wheel they unknowingly enter into a binding contract with the terms being their own life. It is the duty of every driver to ensure that our roads become safe spaces where impaired judgment does not exist.

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