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Understanding The Goals of Pre-Employment Testing

Every employer desires to have the most qualified candidate fill up job vacancies. Selecting the right candidate for a certain position can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are pre-employment tests that they can use to effectively screen and select the right candidate for the job. It is critical for a company to find the right candidate right away as it could mean wasted money and time.

Pre-employment testing can provide a wide range of benefits for businesses. It helps decrease employee turnover and boost morale. According to a survey by the American Management Association, 9 out of 10 firms that test job applicants will not hire them when pre-employment testing reveals deficiencies in basic skills. Pre-employment testing can be instrumental in helping a hiring personnel assess prior learning, performance potential, and available talent of a prospective employee.

Today, employers use a wide range of pre-employment tests to fill up job positions. There are personality tests, intelligence/aptitude tests, drug test, and others. Currently, the most popular is functional employment testing. The kind of test that will be administered will depend on the kind of job that will be filled.

While pre-employment exams are used to screen for the right candidate, employers must never use them to discriminate the job applicant. There is a plethora of laws that sets the manner of administering these tests. Any violation of these laws may subject the employer to severe penalties. Likewise, test results should not be the sole criteria for selecting candidates. More importantly, they should be in compliance with Federal, state, or local EEO laws.

Pre-employment testing helps companies ensure that they will never pass up on the best candidate for the job vacancies that they would like to fill. It can considerably reduce the time for selecting the right employee for the job.

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