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Why you should attract your customers to switch to green roofs

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of their responsibility to care for the environment. From a shift from diesel to gasoline engine to the extensive use of renewable energy, eco-friendly brands are today’s market leaders. And there are no exceptions, even for roof contractors.

For your roofing business to be a success, streamline your business processes through the use of business software solutions. But coordinating your workflow and speeding up checkout are not enough to please your clients. You need to give them eco-friendly choices that would make them feel that they are buying responsibly. One choice that you can provide is by offering products and services to turn their roofs into gardens.

Green roofs offer a myriad of environmental benefits; here are a few of them:

Retains more rainwater

According to Hamlin Tree Care, plants hold rainwater, utilizing it and bringing it back to the atmosphere through the process of evaporation.Unlike conventional roofing systems, green roofs help reduce the amount of rainwater that rushes into the sewer systems.

Improves air quality

Plants act as natural filters that trap air pollutants, making the air much cleaner. Plants also trap noxious gases, which helps lower the greenhouse effect.

Makes the environment much cooler

Due to lack of vegetation, darker roofs and asphalted roads, major metropolitan areas are becoming urban heat islands (UHI), which means these places are much hotter than their surrounding rural areas. With green roofs, you are able to mitigate UHI phenomena, making your urban community cooler and healthier.

Creates green spaces

With green roofs, you are able to create amenity spaces perfect for different uses, such as for recreation. According to, green roofs are also perfect for commercial leases, and may even increase your property’s marketability.
Giving your clients an option to switch to green roofs are a great way to increase sales while taking care of the environment at the same time.

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